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A sniper’s shoot

Compared to PES, in the case of blocking by a defensive player in FIFA, your shot will be seriously affected, less causes the deviation from orbit, more leads to intercepting.

To prevent interference, in the moment you shoot, you have to make a quick decision, you must be fast enough and tough enough so that you make a deadly shot.

There are two basic operations for sniper’s shoot. cheapest fifa 18 coins One is flicking the ball laterally then shooting right away. The other is directly hit the door immediately when you touch the ball. Both of them are done when opponent’s defensive line is not completed and without breaking opponent’s defensive line completely.

Actually, many players know these two kinds of shooting. However, games are different. Playing games is not only the movement of your fingers. Sometimes, your operation becomes muddy just because you want to do some fancy tricks.

If you have a pause after your player broke through in the games, then the defenders are easy to get around. At this time, to correct this kind of “artificial”delay, you need to make sure you action cannot fail under any circumstances.

After the operation, the action of the player is not finished, at this time, you can press B, so that the player can shot the gate right away after the action.

Compared to flicking the ball laterally then shooting right away, the second way is much more easy. You just hit the door immediately when you touch the ball. Even though it is simple, this way of shooting is generally not very strong. In order to make some amends, you can consider the through ball as a simple lateral pass or to use a strong roll to increase the volley speed of the shooter.

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How to play in ut mode of FIFA 18? It is the joy of the ut mode to compete with others and win the final victory, but how do you get to the higher level by winning the game? Next, we will bring you the graphic introduction of the thinking of d1 formation in FIFA 18’s ut mode
Firstly, ultimate team coins the premise of the defense means each match can only lost 1 ball or 2 balls, no more. I am a defending midfielder and I basically don’t let the other team score or concede a goal. I have also been hit too big score and it basically lose some balls first and then catch the score, but it is not desirable.
Secondly, the principle is through two high-speed wing forward and am or dm to make 2 to 1, and then infiltrate into the exclusion zone. The lateral band needs to attract a central defender and a full-back. To create scoring opportunities through defending midfielder and wing forward. With the 4-2-3-1 formation, it needs the players defend the weakest points of the two corners of the penalty area and then look for a chance to run to a far corner to score, so the team should have a player who is good at shooting to analyze the tactic of the enemy and the standard of the defense.
Thirdly, if the poor defense can not predict the ball line and heavily attack both sides and don’t worry about fitness, it is the matter of time to losing ball. If the opponent’s defense is good, the formation need to shrink to the frontier.
Fourthly,fifa 18 buy coins if you use your hand to control the back to cooperate with the ai full-back defender, the proportion of attack in the first half should be reduced. You need to use earlypassing to draw your opponent to grab your ball to make him lose his energy. You should change players after the 65th minute of the second half. The two wingers and am are replaced by the speedy players, because the opponent’s physical power has already lost, you can directly impact the defense line and the other side will break down easily.
The thinking of defense.
This generation of mentality is more important than operation. It will be sure to lose the ball if the mentality collapse. For the defense, the easiest thing to do is to control the back of the game to grab the ball and let ai to control the defender, and pretend that the player is actually going to grab the ball but actually is predict.
his goal of passing ball, taking a false step and turning to the person he wants to pass on.
In addition, all the keys on my tactical panel are set by default, and there is no change.

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How to play stand-alone weekly match in FIFA 18? Many players don’t know much about FIFA18’s stand-alone weekly game. Today, I will share the experience of FIFA18 single cycle competition. Let’s have a look.

You should choose the difficulty of the weekly competition according to the strength of its own lineup. The final feeling has nothing to do with the lineup. The main score is still in legendary difficulty. First, let’s talk about the attack. At present, the legendary difficulty of the game is to score goals by counterattack after breaking the ball in the midfield. We must be quick but not blind. We must push up three lines. The center’s body must keep good, and the shot should keep upon 80. As long as there is a gap between the forbidden area and the top of the arc, it can rub shot if there is a chance. Of course, if a teammate runs to a good location, it can also pass the ball. The other point is the corner ball. Surely, fifa 18 coins ps4 the tactical bread is that the center and back must go forwards and find some chance of penalty shot. It feels that the rates of scoring in the legendary difficult corner are very high. Anyway, striving to lead 3 balls above 80 minutes ago, and then pass the fancy pass and fancy movements to control the field, so that it can generally be more than 2300-2400 points. Besides, the defense of legendary difficulty is basically very simple. As long as not flying over the court after the ball, on the main and neutral position, basically, free fifa coins no one has opportunity to grab the ball. Finally, it’s a bit dangerous at the end. First of all, we need to anticipate, and also take the opportunity to tackle the ball and prevent the back robs after breaking the ball.

Of course, the occasional balance is unavoidable. Personally, I think psychology is the most interesting and the most troublesome point in FIFA 18. If your psychology is kept in a bad condition, you would lose your game no matter how to play. You should all have experience. So if you feel bad mood, please stop immediately, avoid playing more and more and getting angry, or you should buy new handle, but to change TV or computer possibly. I hope it can help everyone who struggles in the stand-alone weekly game.

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Andrés Iniesta now is 32 years old, and now he is currently the Barcelona first team captain, up to 20 years so far plays for Barcelona. Andrés Iniesta joined Barcelona's youth system at his young age, and waited until October 2002, 18-year-old Andrés Iniesta has played for Barcelona debut. Andrés Iniesta with Barcelona's contract expires in 2018, and we all hope him be able to realize the continuous contract with Barcelona.


Andrés Iniesta has no plans to leave Barcelona, and he wants to play in Barcelona to retirement, "I hope so. This is my dream, and has lasted for many years. When you start, everything is new, you never know what will happen, but with the development of things, this idea becomes more and more important, you will always have the idea of retirement here. When I came to Barcelona, I bring the goal of victory, until now, I'm still not satisfied."


"This time there are some difficulties, I would like to play here for 10 minutes, it also is better than in other teams to play more time, this can let me get other achievements. I haven't think about life after retirement, but I know, more or less, I will continue to be associated with football."


"Of course, I want to be associated with Barcelona, but future has the decision. I'm not in that role, said that I would become like that, become like this, but I want to stay in Barcelona, let's take a look! But, for now, that there is a distance."


Regarding when leaving away from home to join Barcelona, Andrés Iniesta said: "personally, when I was so young, separated from my family, this is a very difficult thing, especially considering that my previous life, I love the people around me. I had to leave them, this is difficult, this is one day I have experienced the worst, but you get wealth, here is unique."

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