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Path of Exile's latest expansion is otherwise engaged now, and completely changes the way that this ARPG's endgame works. It adds 32 new maps to address through, because both versions has a boss at the tip, along with four powerful Elder Guardians you'll need to defeat when you reach the modern bid bad: the Elder.

Before the update you fought through randomly generated maps to get to the POE Currency Shaper, a Cthulhu-looking boss. Now, the Shaper and also the Elder have reached war, wanting to separately spread their taint over the map. These taints change the way maps appear and feel: the Elder's minions will literally suck large out in the world, weakening your character when they are nearby, as an example.

By picking a particular path it is possible to control the spread of both bosses, shepherding them towards particular maps, or fighting back up against the taint of merely one in particular, allowing the opposite to take over.

This will let one to determine the kind of loot you obtain in certain areas (and then there's buckets of recent, rare circumstances to get your mitts on), and control zones you want to farm for goodies. It's a fairly complex system that Steven interviewed the developers about recently.

The update also adds new character customisation options, with four innovative skills gems centered on necromancy and six support gems.

Lastly, it adds a whole new challenge league referred to as the Abyss. There, you'll wander maps searching for cracks that nasties will spill away from. Follow the cracks therefore you'll locate a bigger gang of enemies climbing out of any hole from the ground. Slay every one of them and new cracks will show up, leading someone to another hole, and so forth. The enemies read more challenging when you progress and also you get less time and energy to clear them.

Read more around the update here, and again, read Steven's interview together with the devs in the event you're interested. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to Buy POE Currency online.


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