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he jewels , wig and makeup, hang on the wall.One is of him at nine, wearing a black velvet strapless dress, a beret and heart-shaped locket, his little hand on his hip.The second portrait is of Alldread from the shoulders up, his head topped with a fedora, his gentle, polite face lost behind a big pair of spectacles.He does look a little like Truman Capote, as one of his friends described him.says filmmaker Carolyn Kelly, who is shooting a documentary about the queen.People pay so much attention to Michelle that they forget that Russell is behind the icon.Alldread was born to a blacksmith and a nurse on Bowmanville, Ont.the youngest of three children.He loved architecture and fashion, singing and performing.When he was 18, he moved to Toronto where he worked as a ladies shoe salesman, amassing a collection of shoes with matching handbags.During the day, Alldread wore a suit.Come evening, DuBarry wore the most stylish ladies’ shoes in the city.front bar, the gay people went there in suit and ties and pretended to be straight and then the beer room was full of screaming queens.Alldread married a woman in 1957.They divorced in 1961.Anita Mode , who was renamed Michelle DuBarry.She started doing shows at the 511 and Manatee clubs before going on the road with The Great Imposters (she is the last surviving member).She tells a story about performing for sailors at the Misty Moon cabaret in Halifax; I’ll simply call the tale: An Officer and a Gentleman.I always loved the stage.My sisters and I sang for the ladies groups.We sang at hospitals.She pulls out a champagne sparkly dress with an asymmetrical hem that once belonged to a Las Vegas showgirl and then a silver outfit with a cascade of tiny mirror balls hanging from its shoulders.Somewhere in this closet, there’s also a wedding dress.I say, and she laughs wholeheartedly.Justin Bieber took the DNA test on Friday, according to TMZ.Does this mean this story is finally going to go away?Slap on your Taylor Swift suprised face: Another Bachelorette couple has hit the skids.Weeks after delaying their wedding, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have confirmed they re dunzo.million deal with Weight Watchers.Did you miss the meltdown that led to Chris Brown deleting his Twitter account last week?No one really brought it at last night s AMAs, at least in terms of fashion.I kind of liked Selena Gomez s Giorgio Armani gown and Heidi Klum s silver sheath, but for the most part everyone took the Bland exit ramp and headed straight into Boringville.Taylor Swift in a sparkly Reem Acra?Still, I can t really get behind all the Twitter vitriol that was directed at Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera last night.neither of them were dressing for their body type.The issue was NOT that neither of them is a size 0.Stop sucking, internet.Meanwhile, everyone s talking about what (if anything) is going on with Katy Perry and Russell Brand because she didn t thank him in her acceptance speech and she wasn t wearing her wedding ring during her performance (though she was clearly wearing it later).I kind of wish Kristen Wiig was above these lingerie-clad spreads, but I guess this means she s made it.and there s tabloid talk that she might go after his money.I m guessing she ll let him keep the trucker hat collection, though.Ethan Hawke says he s working on another Before movie with Richard Linklater and Julie Delpy.Christopher Nolan says The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after the last movie.Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are reportedly engaged again.mostly because the interviewer teaches him how to wash windows, sort laundry and scrub toilets.George Clooney had surgery on his elbow last week.I m at the ready in case he needs anyone to kiss it better!Meanwhile, Stacy Keilber just Tweeted You kno its love when your boyfriend has elbow surgery 2 days ago and takes u to a #ravens game especially when he s a Bengals fan.This FunnyorDie spoof of Drive is worth watching.It sounded amazing, and the guest list (Will Ferrell, Adam Scott, Sarah Silverman , Maya Rudolph) reads like my ultimate dream dinner party.This cute clip of Poehler and Will Arnett just isn t enough!In other awesome party news, Joel McHale s birthday bash looked fun.I m really hoping someone in the Community cast cranked Roxanne.Chris Martin says he once wrote a song for Beyonce, but his A R people rejected it.Couldn t his wife pull some strings?It takes a lot to top her past fugly sins, but I m pretty sure this is the worst thing Blake Lively has ever worn.I d cross-reference it to be certain but I like my eyeballs too much.A rip-off of Bella s wedding dress (aka the one good thing in Breaking Dawn) is now available for sale.You re own your own when it comes to finding a vampire husband and a murderous fetus, though.Here s the trailer for Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum s new weeper, The Vow.I was all like meh and then I saw the blink-and-you ll-miss-it shot of Scott Speedman at the very end.originally posted by Jen at www.that can ease the grief felt by those in attendance.But there are also terrible funerals, even by the standard of such affairs.Sometimes it’s because of bad blood in the family, sometimes because the death was sudden or too soon and it’s only during the service that shell-shocked relatives feel the full brunt of the loss.But there’s increasingly something else at work behind the scenes at such events, something you see more and more of.the people who appear only when tragedy strikes and seem to think the event is all about them, instead of the departed or their loved ones.RelatedReverend Graham Bland on saying goodbye: No one grieves, anymoreYou might recognize them by their behaviour, if not by the term.They’re the person you were sort of friends with years ago but fell out of touch with, who now seems to think that the death of your loved one has somehow not only rekindled your friendship, but made it stronger than ever (you won’t hear from them again for years once .


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