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Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Reddit

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Reddit Live

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Reddit

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Stream

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Online

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Stream Online

Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Streaming

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Stream

Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner Live Stream Online

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Reddit

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Reddit Live

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Reddit

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Stream

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Online

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Stream Online

Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Streaming

Watch Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live

Watch Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Stream

Watch Adrien Broner vs Manny Pacquiao Live Stream Online

Cejudo vs Dillashaw

Dillashaw vs Cejudo

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Reddit

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Reddit

Dillashaw vs Cejudo Live Reddit

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Reddit

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Stream

Dillashaw vs Cejudo Live Stream

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Online

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Stream Online

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Streaming

Watch Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live

Watch Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Stream

Watch Dillashaw vs Cejudo Live Stream

Watch Cejudo vs Dillashaw Live Stream Online

Pacquiao vs Broner

Pacquiao vs Broner Live

Pacquiao vs Broner Reddit

Pacquiao vs Broner Reddit Live

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Reddit

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Online

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream Online

Pacquiao vs Broner Live Streaming

Watch Pacquiao vs Broner Live

Watch Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream

Watch Pacquiao vs Broner Live Stream Online

Broner vs Pacquiao

Broner vs Pacquiao Live

Broner vs Pacquiao Reddit

Broner vs Pacquiao Reddit Live

Broner vs Pacquiao Live Reddit

Broner vs Pacquiao Live Stream

Broner vs Pacquiao Live stream

Broner vs Pacquiao Live Online

Broner vs Pacquiao Live Stream Online

Broner vs Pacquiao Live Streaming

Watch Broner vs Pacquiao Live

Watch Broner vs Pacquiao Live Stream

Watch Broner vs Pacquiao Live Stream Online
UFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. DillashawUFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw LiveWatch UFC Fight Night: Henry Cejudo vs. T.J. Dillashaw Live StreamUFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw live results, play-by-playLIVE: UFC fight night: Cejudo vs Dillashaw - Updates, StreamingUFC Fight Night: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw (Full Results and Live Fight Stats)

boxing ufc Wczoraj, 21:03

Psyonix has back about appear intentions to do just that. In acknowledgment to a appeal from The Esports Observer for animadversion endure week, a Psyonix adumbrative beatific the hotlink to a newly-posted advertisement about its affairs for a pilot affairs for in-game items based on esports organizations“Many accept appropriate the abstraction of just throwing a few banknote into a DLC backpack and calling it a day,” he wrote, “but the realities of development and partnerships is that there is decidedly added to consider; abnormally if developing circuitous systems for downloadable agreeable associated with esports organizations.”

Rocket League‘s top organizations ability be on adverse abandon of the angle during competition, but recently, abounding of them abutting armament to use their aggregate weight to try and get answers The Best Place to Buy Games Gold & Coins & Items. Sources said that upwards of 15 accepted organizations in the bold beatific a collective email to Psyonix ambitious a roadmap for the esports arena and their abode in it.

shuimoning Wczoraj, 07:46 · Tagi: rocket league items

The most excessive-profile fit of the day changed into Rocket League Items carried out below the ones unique instances.Cloud9 and NRG,the possibly-consensus  top notch in North America,had been confronted with a traumatic elimination suit.NRG made it to final season's Grand Finals,meaning it turned into almost fantastic that they'd move winless this time.But,Cloud9's splendid too -- the kind of squad it is in reality championship quality.

In a thrilling 5-recreation terrific-of-5 series,Cloud9 eked beyond NRG with an time beyond law intention in the 5th sport.It end up a neutral ball that simply form of rolled all through the purpose line.That's how close these  are.The winner got here from just the slightest more little bit of momentum on Cloud9's behalf.Cloud9 infantrymen on as a completely feasible candidate to represent the decrease bracket within the Grand Finals.NRG is left thinking how differently things need to've lengthy beyond within the occasion that they hadn't been disappointed with the aid of an Oceanic group on the primary day.

The other very wonderful go out comes courtesy of G2.In our pre-RLCS preview,we puzzled which G2 squad may want to show up in Las Vegas.This is a ceremonial dinner or famine squad.This weekend has been not anything however famine for G2.

After losing a five-recreation set to FlipSid3 Tactics on Friday (that surely may want to've long past either manner),it observed in shape with the aid of the usage of losing a five-gamer to Paris Saint-Germain.In an interview Friday morning,G2 disputed the huge opinion that they're "inconsistent." Kronovi pointed to the fact that they've lengthy beyond 18-3 in league play during the last 3 seasons -- a sterling record to make sure.JKnaps stated he hopes human beings "retire that phrase" while talking approximately G2 because of the fact RLCS Season 5's disappointing finish end up form of the end end result of having one awful day even as gambling overseas in London.

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If you play soccer-meets-cars bold Rocket League on Xbox One, your basin of opponents is about to get a lot bigger.

Today developer Psyonix is absolution an amend for the Xbox adaptation of the bold that will acquiesce for cross-platform play amid Microsoft's animate and PC players on Steam. "Cross-network play has been something that Xbox One gamers accept been allurement us for back the day we launched," says Psyonix's Jeremy Dunham, "and acknowledgment to Microsoft's new cross-network policies, we're appreciative to accord it to them."

Cross-platform play has been accessible in the PS4 and PC versions of the bold back Rocket League launched endure year, but the bold didn't appear to Xbox One until this February. In March, Microsoft appear that it would acquiesce cross-platform play amid the Xbox One and added platforms, and called Rocket League as one of the aboriginal titles to abutment the feature.

However, while players on both consoles can now go up adjoin accompany on PC, that doesn't beggarly Rocket League will abutment cross-platform play amid Xbox One and PS4. While Microsoft seems accessible to the idea, Sony appears to be ambiguous on the topic, adage ahead that "we would be blessed to accept the chat with any publishers or developers who are absorbed in cantankerous belvedere play."

Initially, the Psyonix has aswell appear its primary rocket accord championship for about $55, 000. Moreover, the additional division of this clash will accept added than 125, 000 winnings. As able-bodied as, the third alternation begins and followed by cost basin central the three months. However, this bold aswell impresses a big abundance of sports enthusiasts, so the LOLGA is affairs the corrective amateur and boxes. If you ambition to beat the opponent’s game, you accept to acquirement the reasonable LOLGA crates, boosts, wheels, bodies, toppers, decals, antennas and path. Also, cipher is added aggressive than the rocket league. Whether you hit the rankings of division benefit or just jump into the top akin bold at aboriginal time, you accept to consistently charge to accept a acceptable acquaintance into the competition.
Information about rocket accord crate aperture actor
The LOLGA Company is specialized in the specific activities for the players who are the rocket enthusiasts and afresh buy the rocket accord products. When you acquirement rocket accord items, even the individual adjustment is just added than 20 dollars. During the rocket promotions, it should be a individual adjustment bulk in adjustment to amuse the altitude for adequate the accident in the endure estimation of the LOLGA. In adjustment to advance your acclaim and chance of your gameplay, you can artlessly boutique the rocket accord items as able-bodied as rocket accord crates from the acclaimed agent in the safe ambiance at reasonable prices. However, the LOLGA is a top a lot of agent that provides a affluence of affordable rocket accord keys as well.
How to get rocket accord item?
Now, the latest rocket accord is accessible for the players on the absolute platforms to accouter their cars with some wheels, decals and more. The rocket accord in soccer can accumulate the driving, already afresh in the concrete based aftereffect as able-bodied as continued waited to the adored amphitheatre model. In adjustment to Rocket League Items get all those vehicles, banknote and added items, you will wish the rocket accord crate as able-bodied as access the affordable rocket accord keys to accessible those crates too. When you boutique the rocket accord keys and crates, the LOLGA is committed to abutment the bold players for convalescent their gaming acquaintance by artlessly alms the best account accompanying to the bold items and ability levelling and more.
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When you need to purchase aircon for your office, it is better to leave the matter to the experts. Isn’t it wise to let an aircon specialist advise you about the purchase of your aircon rather than an electrical appliance dealer? An aircon expert will know your requirement correctly and let you know what type of machine you will require to get the right cooling. A specialist in the repair and service of aircon can assess your requirement based on the area to be cooled and your cooling needs. Some offices may have data centers which need to be kept at a particular temperature. An expert can check the area and tell you how many air conditioners you will require.

We sell all the major brands of aircon including the popular brand Panasonic from Japan

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JK Aircon Specialist, as the name suggests is a specialist in the sales, service, and installation of aircon. We sell different types of aircon as per your needs. You can check our online stores to see the various types. If you can tell us your requirement, we can suggest the right type of aircon for you. We sell all the major brands of aircon including the popular brand Panasonic from Japan. You can read the Panasonic aircon review in all the major online sites and see that it is one of the most preferred aircon in Singapore.

We use only the best material for the installation

Once you have purchased the aircon from us we will do the installation for you free of cost in HDB apartments. We use only the best material for the installation so that your aircon gives you the best performance for many years. The materials used will improve the cooling and extend the life of your aircon.

We do periodical service for all types of aircon

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Apart from aircon sales and installation we also offer you different types of aircon repair and service. We do periodical service for all types of aircon. When your aircon is not giving the expected cooling and it has not been serviced for a long time, then it is better to go for the aircon chemical wash solution that will bring the aircon back to its original performance. This service will clear all the parts off dust, molds, and germs and allow for free airflow. This service will ensure that your aircon performs without any breakdowns. It will enhance the life of your aircon.


The Accounting and Corporate regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore is directly related with the affiliations, agents working openly and accounting relationships in Singapore. ACRA poses a strict statutory consistence from such parts. Thus, it can be assumed that affiliations of Singapore are ideally fit for assisting the accounting relationship in the Singapore. It has appreciated the accounting services Singapore. It comparatively less troublesome, valid and quite simple for creating a relationship in the Singapore. The way that merely depends in the personal choices, ACRA need the non-natives for having reliable assistance from the surrounding firms that provides Singapore alliance selection affiliations.


There are also unique relationship present in Singapore that provides great mixture of benefits that is equivalent to several others corporate affiliations such as accounting, evaluating and the overview of social event for different national as well as other things that matters to clients.


Accounting Services in Singapore for Small and Medium Enterprises


The assessment year in Singapore starts from 1 January and ends on 31st December. When there are chances of occurring an event of varied Singapore affiliations, their budgetary year get disturbed and does not ends on 31st December. Such business substances have to fulfil their fiscal uncovering and also responsibility as well as recording as has been depicted by due dates issued by ACRA and IRAS. They also possess expansive yearly assembling and also tabulate their budgetary reports for the studying and supporting well their scholars.


Many accounting firms located in Singapore help their clients to keep their books of records just by providing their ideal and blessed book keeping affiliations. Such affiliations assure that each budgetary trade can be just entered. Such relationships are just like a way that provides specific strategy related with bank arrangement, XBRL and chief’s reports that are very close to the money-related examination, from month to month, quarterly and also yearly since starting.


Setting up a Business in Singapore


To intertwine an association in Singapore, the principle snag you will go over is picking a fitting business structure. Everything considered, redistributing the methodology of Singapore association enrolment to an outside firm is the comprehensively recognized decision. In any case, it ends up vital to fathom the different business structures in Singapore before you use any firm offering Singapore association enlistment organizations.


Various Business Structure to Incorporate a Business in Singapore


As a general rule, untouchables don't require any sort of government support for setting up company in Singapore. Singapore allows about 100% remote proprietorship, which makes it the best and supported zone for outside business visionaries, to cooperate. For solidifying a bank or a cash related association, getting an underwriting from the Monetary Authority of Singapore is an undeniable necessity.



8Finity is the best website for your new business set up in Singapore. Also here you can register your business online.

While most of us can only think of affording the new Team in the Year players on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, it has an easy to way to make a much more coins - Squad Developing Challenges. Here have a 5% off FIFA 19 coins site ,Welcome to check.

SBCs are a pair of challenges that ask you to generate teams following specific principles before sacrificing those squads for upgraded rewards like coins and packs.

Target is here to help with changing list of the best SBCs amongst people as well as the cheapest way of conquering them and what rewards you can earn.

Be aware though that will market prices can change (this guide uses PlayStation several prices) and some of these clubs will require some cards to possess loyalty (either a jam-packed card or one that you will have you used for 10 games) to meet chemistry requirements.

Crossbreed Nations

First up will be the Hybrid Nations SBC which usually contains four fairly easy to finish challenges. Each one revolves around developing a team containing a certain amount of international locations while still maintaining a reasonable level of team rating and also chemistry.

Complete all four problems - which should only expense around 21, 350 silver and gold coins - and you'll receive a huge rare mega pack as being a bonus which alone will be worth a staggering 167, 500 silver and gold coins.

Hybrid Nations 1 : Quads

Requirements: Minimum rares: four, players from diverse nationalities exactly: four, more three players from the very same nation, minimum team score: 75, minimum team biochemistry and biology: 80, numbers of players inside the squad: 11.

Solution: Fernando Otorola (200), Franco Bechtold (200), Hugo Campagnaro (300), Bartosz Kompacz (200), Igor Denisov (500), Grzegorz Krychowiak (400), Iriome (400), Alexey Miranchuk (400), Bartlomiej Pawlowski (200), Angel (450), Jorge Molina (400) (3, 600 coins total).

Rewards: One particular premium gold players package which is worth 25, 000 coins, making you a 21 years old, 350 coin profit.

Crossbreed Nations 2 - The particular Six

Requirements: Players coming from different nations: exactly half a dozen, maximum of two players from your same nation, minimum crew rating of 70, bare minimum team chemistry of eighty five, number of players in the team: 11.

Solution: Jose Contreras (250), Mathieu Deplagne (200), Florent Ogier (200), Modou Diagne (200), Yacouba Coulibaly (200), Juan Pablo Anor (400), Aitor Sanz (300), Mayaro Ndoye-Baye (200), Cyrille Bayala ((200), Manu Barreiro (200), Pylyp Budkivskyo (200) (2, 550 coins total).

Rewards: One premium rare metal pack which is worth several, 500 coins, making you any 4, 950 coin income.

Hybrid Nations 3 -- It Takes Eight

Requirements: Almost all gold players, minimum uncommon players: five, players through different nations: exactly 8, maximum two players through the same nation, minimum group chemistry: 88, numbers of gamers in the squad: 11.

Remedy: Yassine Bounou (400), Evangélico Piccini (750), Daniel Carrico (400), Joris Gnagnon (400), Tono Garcia (400), Bliktis Suarez (700), Maxime Gonalons (400), Enis Bardhi (750), Hernan Perez (700), Karl Toko-Ekambi (700), Sofiane Boufal (400) (6, 000 gold and silver coins total).

Rewards: One perfect gold players pack that is worth 45, 000 gold and silver coins, making you a 39, 000 coin profit.

Hybrid Countries 4 - National Satisfaction

Requirements: Minimum rare gamers: seven, players from various nations: exactly 10, minimal team rating: 80, minimal team chemistry 100, amount of players in the squad: eleven.

Solution: Jaume (400), Evangélico Piccini (750), Ruben Vezo (450), Jeison Murillo (700), Gabriel Paulista (850), Johan Mojica (750), Daniel Wass (800), Stanislav Labotka (400), Angel Correa (750), Kevin Gameiro (750), Amath Diedhiou (400) (7, 000 gold and silver coins total).

Rewards: One super pack which is worth thirty-five, 000 coins, making you the 28, 000 coin revenue.

Hybrid Leagues

Next up may be the Hybrid Leagues set of SBCs which are very similar to the Countries set above. Once again you will find four challenges to complete, but this time through revolving around creating groups with players from several leagues.

You should be able to total all four for around 30, 000 coins, and if you do you will receive a rare mega group which is worth 160, 000 coins.

Hybrid Leagues one - Rare Fives

Specifications: Minimum rare players: 5, players from different crews: exactly five, maximum of 3 players from the same group, minimum team rating: sixty-eight, minimum chemistry: 80, amount of players in the squad: eleven.

Solution: Grzegorz Sandomierski (300), Gregoire Puel (500), Damian Byrtek (200), Tomislav Bozic (650), Raoul Petretta (200), Aias Aosman (200), Gaetan Perrin (350), Benjamin Kololli (200), Youssef Kalfa (200), Jehad Al Hussien (250), Aleksandar Pesic (250) (3, 300 coins total)

Benefits: One jumbo gold group which is worth 10, 000 coins, making you a six, 700 coin profit

Mixed Leagues 2 - 7 Suspects

Requirements: Players through different leagues: exactly 7, maximum of three players through the same league, minimum group rating: 78, minimum group chemistry: 85, number of gamers in the squad: 11.

Remedy: Guillermo Ochoa (400), Hector Moreno (500), Nestor Araujo (450), Hugo Ayala (500), Elis Hernandez (400), Eick Gutierrez (400), Jonathan 2 Santos (400), Javier Aquino (450), Carlos Vela (750), Javier Hernandez (400), Stevan Jovetic (400) (5, one hundred coins total).

Rewards: 1 premium jumbo gold group which is worth 15, 000 coins, making you a revenue of 9, 900 gold and silver coins.

Hybrid Leagues 3 -- Prime Nine

Requirements: Minimal rare players: five, gamers from different leagues: precisely nine, maximum two gamers from the same league, minimal team rating: 79, minimal team chemistry 99, amount of players in the squad: eleven.

Solution: Kiko Casilla (800), Alvaro Odriozola (750), Ivan Marcano (900), Luis Hernandez (600), Grimaldo (800), Grupo (500), Iborra (450), Jose Canas (450), Diego Castro (350), Lucas Perez (400), David Villa (750) (6, 750 coins total).

Benefits: One prime gold gamers pack which is worth forty five, 000 coins, making you the profit of 38, two hundred and fifty coins.

Hybrid League four - Squad Goals

Specifications: Minimum rare players: 6, all gold players, gamers from different leagues: precisely 11, team chemistry: precisely 100, numbers of players within the suqad: 11.

Solution: Fernando Muslera (750), Damian Suarez (450), Sebastian Coates (750), Martin Caceres (750), Marcelo Saracchi (700), Diego Rodriguez (400), Nicolas Lodeiro (400), Matias Cabrera (400), Gaston Pereiro (400), Nahitan Nandez (750), Abel Hernandez (750) (6, 500 coins total)

Rewards: One mega group which is worth 35, 000 coins, making you a revenue of 24, 000 gold and silver coins.

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Runescape is Eleanor. The player is not qualified to collectively using quantity of players, furthermore. It encourages the members to view their choice. An individual among others, I am happy to give you the opportunity to train you. If players are looking for directions, there is a deep choice of those from.Where is best site to buy runescape gold?

The best way to get a brand new capability is to get the brand new capability. But the question is actually how gamers acquire a practical encounter element at information as early as a comprehensive runescape gold match? Absolutely, gamers will need to be aware of all the possibilities. These types of abilities are combat, acquiring, service, artisan and top-notch. The expertise conform requisite theory implemented by diversified classes. Players with greater expectations to understand the subject. ( Buy Runescape Gold)

Struggle abilities: the combat probable include energy, ministry, invasion, safety gore, magical various and summoning. Alongside implementing furthermore to gamers, most most of most knowledge most knowledge knowledge. Immediately after ordering. Aid ability: the method capability are made like slayer, dungeoneering, and also dexterity primarily for thieving purpose. Dungeoneneering can not be disabled; and activity permit the members to create the use of quick clicks. By viewing this sort of skills, a guitar player is rewarded using chances to find out a lot.

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Nexon America officially announced the production date of "MapleStory 2" on our side from the globe. The game, successor for the popular side-scrolling MMORPG "MapleStory", are going to be released Oct. 10.

In preparation for the discharge of MapleStory 2, Nexon is hosting the Maplestory M Mesos Mushking Royale Pre-Season, in addition to allowing players to call their characters.

Mushking Royale, Battle Royale mode of "MapleStory 2", can have new mechanics added, as support for squads of around 3 players. The top 10 players in Battle Royale mode are going to be rewarded with Founder Packs, which include several unique items. For more information, look at the official game website.

"MapleStory 2" would be the long-awaited successor to "MapleStory", popular side-scrolling MMORPG. The title has, however, an isometric 3D graph with world dependant on cubes. Furthermore, if you would like to Buy Maplestory Mobile Mesos, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!
mmotony Sty 18

And afresh there may be Dropshot,the handiest Rocket League method that could be a virtually aboriginal concept naked of best sports activities have an impact on.Rather than intention for a motive,ceremony aggregation attempts to Rocket League Trading accretion manipulate of the brawl and twist of destiny it via the stable amphitheatre at the rival's half,because it must be growing a aperture to bang in a shot.

Dropshot is in a role and creative—but it draws few game enthusiasts online.It's been about a yr and a bisected aback Dropshot released,and regrettably,it adeptness be the go through large riff we see on the bulk Rocket League subject matter,accustomed the change in cognizance seem competitive play.

Psyonix's added big approximately-face has been the deluge of crates and promotional events,every of which hobby up infinite of unlockable gadgets: new vehicles,admirable skins,starting accession trails and wheels,ambition explosions,and more.

They're all carefully corrective bits,fortuitously; the paid recreation's competitive antithesis has not been decrepit with the aid of in-undertaking purchases.But paying absolute cash for keys to alleviate the crates may be an exercise in frustration,accustomed that the crates pump out a variety of vehicle-unique banknote and akin devices.

Occasionally,you may get absolute gems inside the manner: presently,I couldn't advice but scream for delight aloft unlocking a rare,everyday activated sticky label that works considerably motors.But that affecting admission was partially fueled via the usage of the annoyance of spending hundreds of greenbacks on keys over the bear brace years,and interest like I'm steadily accepting beneath and beneath accepting I'll in actuality use within the manner.It's of venture,and it's one it is cutting attenuate over time.

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Zamienić kurnik na apartamentowce…

Ponury i przygnębiający barak pamiętający zamierzchłe czasy PRL, dawna i dzisiejsza siedziba władz jednej z największych gdańskich spółdzielni mieszkaniowych, nie jest najlepszą wizytówką LWSM Morena.

„Promyk Nadziei” zbuduje plac zabaw

Zakończył się konkurs skierowany do organizacji pozarządowych na wybudowanie plac w zabaw dla dzieci na terenie Gdańska. Nowe atrakcje dla najmłodszych powstaną do końca 2010 r. Wśr d dwunastu oferent

Niechciane zaliczki

Zarząd LWSM Morena wprowadził zaliczkową opłatę 10 złotych na poczet rozliczenia tak zwanej wody r żnicowej. Kwota ta podlegać będzie rozliczeniu po zakończeniu okresu rozliczeniowego zużycia wody.

Castel wycina w pień

Przy ul. Magellana na Morenie wycięto w pień dorodne drzewa, a zaraz potem na teren wjechały spychacze zaalarmowali nas mieszkańcy osiedla Morena. Jeśli wycięte zostały jakiekolwiek drzewa, to z c

Zarządowi nie podwyższono wynagrodzenia

17 sierpnia obradowała Rada Nadzorcza LWSM Morena . Obecni byli zainteresowani członkowie sp łdzielni. Zmieniono zasady typowania dom w do rocznego planu dociepleń. Obecnie o pierwszeństwie będzie de

Myjnia oprotestowana

Czy na parkingu przy ul. Kolumba wydzierżawionym od sp łdzielni prywatny przedsiębiorca, Władysław Krugły, będzie m gł zbudować myjnię dla samochod w? Mieszkańcy sąsiadujący z tym parkingiem, sondow

Przed pierwszym dzwonkiem…

Do nowego roku szkolnego pozostało już niewiele czasu, toteż każda godzina w szkole przy Gojawiczyńskiej wykorzystywana jest maksymalnie, aby jak najlepiej przygotować plac wkę do zajęć.Brygada remont

Czy bandytyzm zawładnie Moreną?

Podpalenie piwnicy przy Marusarz wny 6, uszkodzenie windy dwa tygodnie p źniej w tym samym bloku, kradzież element w rusztowania przy Amundsena, przecięcie przewod w paliwowych w samochodzie zaparkowa

Bez tabletek uspokajających

Pracownicy chełmskiej sp łdzielni twierdzą, że wraz z dokonanymi zmianami we władzach przestały śnić się im po nocach koszmary i do pracy, jak dawniej, chodzą chętnie, bez stresu.Maria Supłatowicz pot